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Modern Civilization is the foundation for the world we live in today. Through understanding the components of our society we can begin to advance our knowledge in any Field of Civilization.

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We have accomplished this stage after lots of efforts by our ancestors by doing ‘trial and error’ methods. Few even give their whole life researching about it, but the way Modern Civilization affects our environment is the worst we can do.
But today I want to about its future because we all know the circumstances of Modern Civilization.

We all know Humans are moving towards a very bright future where there would be fewer crimes and huge involvement of technology and especially Artificial Intelligence.

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But as we move forward we face difficult situations like COVID-19 and sudden increase in SUICIDE rate, Unemployment, etc.
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This often leads to Depression(I have already discussed this previously). Well, Technology Created for reducing Human efforts and securing better future for humans but doesn’t seem to be happening we all somehow know that humans are moving towards their EXTINCTION not by COVID-19 but by the huge requirement for Food, Water, Shelter, and other NATURAL RESOURCES.
With every step toward the future, we are constantly increasing our population which often leads us to the massive production of Garbage we produce, and a constant need for shelter and fielding, we are overtaking forests and converting this planet into DESERT.
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Another reason for our EXTINCTION would be a huge difference in our GENDER RATIO between males and females. The difference between the number of Humans and Animals can also be a Differentiator.
Our Hunger for technology can Eat the Future of our coming Generations.

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